Lazy cottage cheese dumplings in a hurry

The recipe comes to the rescue when the time for standing at the stove entirely, and hearty dish to cook in the shortest time possible.


-curso … 250 gramas
-Ovos … 1 peça
-viu … 3 colheres de sopa
-manteiga ghee … 1 colher de sopa
-sugar … 2 colheres de chá


1. Mix melted butter, raw egg, sugar and salt. Add grated cottage cheese, mash well. Sprinkle with a small amount of wheat flour. The working surface is also sprinkled with flour, roll “sausages”. Flour add so much that the hands are not glued to the dough.
2. Ready, “sausage”, slice diagonally, put into boiling water, wait for the lazy dumplings of cottage cheese comes up. Get a slotted spoon, serve with sour cream or honey.

More rare, but no less delicious “sauces” to the dish: condensed milk, melted chocolate. Cooked dumplings can be frozen, as usual dumplings, and stored in the freezer, use as needed.

Bon appetit!

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