Greek salad with home-made brynza

This salad is considered one of the most popular dishes in this section of cooking. Healthy food in terms of healthy eating.


-branberries … 200 grams
-pepper Bulgarian red … 2 pieces
-Tomatoes … 2 pieces
-cucumbers … 1 piece
-Onion bulb … 2 heads
-scotch … 1 clove
-grape oxus
-olive oil
-leaf lettuce


1. Slice fresh tomatoes and cucumber into large slices. Red and salad onions, sweet Bulgarian pepper cut into rings. Hands tear the leaves of green lettuce. Grate the salad bowl with garlic for flavor, put in a mixture of vegetables and olives.
2. Stir. For the sauce, beat olive oil, grape vinegar, salt, oregano. Pour over lettuce, sprinkle with torn basil leaves. Cut into cubes or slices of cheese, put on top of Greek salad.

Bon appetit!

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